Loving Couple Builds a Train For Dogs To Take Them On Adventures!

Loving Couple Builds a Train For Dogs To Take Them On Adventures!

Eight years ago, Paul Johnston and his wife Alice moved to Florida in Lehigh Acres, after having spent many years working in an animal shelter in Costa Rica.

But they didn’t move alone. Together with them, they also brought a dozen pups that they rescued from the streets. Since they had so many dogs, and couldn’t take all of them for a walk at the same time, they decided to get inventive.

So they built a train to take the puppies out for a ride around the neighborhood. All the wagons are attached to a lawnmower that Paul operates, and Alice follows from behind on a small cycle to make sure everything is in check.

It is amazing to see the gang in such good spirits. The popular “Wonderland Express” was an inspiration from a man from Texas who did the same thing for his own dogs. It’s not only the dogs who share the excitement for these tours. Some people join them for a cheer and enjoy giving treats to the pups. They really love it.

The train also is equipped with signs for the adoption of the lovely doggies, encouraging people to give them a forever home. The Johnston family is happy that people appreciate what they are doing, and say that everything they do is out of love for their dogs. Publicity means nothing to them.

Spreading the joy of adopting is all the Johnstons care about. They say it gives great satisfaction to know that they give their dogs a good life.

Image Credit: Alice E. Herrick

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