Loving Dog Saves Abandoned Baby's Life By Barking For Help

Loving Dog Saves Abandoned Baby's Life By Barking For Help

Around late December of last year, a man named Junrell Revilla was taking a joy ride on his motorcycle through the mountains near Cebu, in the Philippines. During this journey, a local dog started running after him and barking for his attention.

Like most friendly dogs Revilla passes on his weekly rides, he thought this was normal and kept on driving. A few miles later he discovered that he was still tirelessly following him, begging for his attention and non-stop barking.

Revilla stopped his motorbike and followed him towards the squirming bundle on the group. To his surprise, he was led to a newborn baby, which was wrapped in a brown towel on the side of the mountain. From there, he took the baby to the nearest police station, thanking the dog for his heroic service.

Once word got out around the town about the unsung hero that kept this baby safe, volunteers flocked to the mountainside in search of him. Volunteers were under the impression that after finding him, they would take him to the shelter and try for a possible adoption, but were immediately surprised at what they found. Blacky showed up with three other dogs and was confirmed to not be a stray.

Even though Blacky did, in fact, have a loving home, it looked to volunteers that the conditions weren’t as ideal as they hoped. With donations and service projects, the family is now able to care for all dogs, and have received countless food sources, toys, and bedding for all the pets they own!

Images & Feature Image Source: Hope for Strays

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