Loving Family Adopts Dog They Found Tied To A Tree

The outbreak of the novel coronavirus certainly has turned our lives upside down! Just as we rearrange our lives and routines, we need to make adjustments for our four-legged family members too.

The new rules we apply to our lives we apply to them too, for example, keeping them socially distanced from other dogs to curb the spread of the virus. Although we dog moms and dads would do virtually anything for our fur babies, there are owners out there who do the unthinkable. When they no longer feel like handling their dogs during the pandemic, they engage in the cruel act of abandonment. Yes, actual abandonment.

One poor pooch, Champ, was a recent victim to this heinous act. Gia Cartionio-Thayer is now proud parent to Champ, but the story before this victorious moment is heart-breaking. Gia was on a hike when she spotted poor Champ tied to a tree. Initially, she thought Champ belonged to a homeless person or perhaps just owners who left the dog there for the time being. However, it turned out Champ was abandoned. Gia took this precious pooch to the local shelter to be taken in and ended up being able to adopt her new canine companion, and on her birthday!

The receiving shelter, Midcoast Humane, said that this is no news to them during tough times. People seem to abandon their dogs during times of hardship more than we realize! Although unthinkable to us, this is a harsh reality we are faced with. I am sure we all breathe a sigh of relief hearing that Champ now has a forever home!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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