Loving Grandpa Picks A Halloween Costume That You're Going To Absolutely Love!

Loving Grandpa Picks A Halloween Costume That You're Going To Absolutely Love!

Henry, a grandfather who is 87 years old, and his best friend Peyton the golden retriever, are completely inseparable. It was love at first sight when they met, and they’ve been by each other’s sides ever since.

In fact, Henry is so in love with his canine companions that his grandson, Matt Poulton, fondly says he’s obsessed with her! Henry thinks of her always and keeps her in mind all the time. Peyton, who is the Poulton family dog, lives with Henry and sleeps in his room. During the day, Peyton usually can be found lying next to Henry and chilling out with him.

One day, Henry’s grandchildren suggested that he watch “Up”, a Pixar film released in 2009 that stars an elderly man quite like himself and a happy, friendly dog. The main reason behind this suggestion is that Henry’s grandkids figured he resembles Mr. Fredricksen, the main character of the movie. And they really do look quite similar!

But even Peyton resembles someone in the movie – Dug, the main dog character. Surprisingly, she looks quite a bit like him! And when Henry realized this, he already knew what his plans for Halloween with Peyton were going to be.

So Henry, including his beloved companion in the spooky festivities, decided that they just dress up as Mr. Fredricksen and Dug! Of course, Peyton didn’t need to dress up at all to look the part, but combined with Henry’s spot-on costume, it’s the perfect look!

This sweet and funny costume choice is just a snapshot of Henry and Peyton’s closeness. They love each other very much, and their bond is a beautiful one indeed!

Images & Feature Image Source: Matt Poulton

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