Loving Mama Comforted Her Puppies In The Shelter Until Someone Finally Notices Them

Loving Mama Comforted Her Puppies In The Shelter Until Someone Finally Notices Them

When a local shelter received a mama pup and her three tiny puppies, they weren’t sure what to do with them. The whole family was emaciated and suffering skin infections, worms, and mange.

At first, their condition was so awful they weren’t sure if the puppies would survive the night. Luckily, they all pulled through, due in large part to the mama’s protective love over her babies, but they were in awful condition.

The shelter decided to contact Dallas DogRRR to ask if they could make space for the family, knowing that they would require special attention and care.

The president of the group, Patti Dawson, agreed, and she brought them to her home as temporary fosters. All the puppies were girls, so Dawson creatively named them after celebrities: Heidi Klum for the mama, and Cheryl Tiegs, Cindy Crawford, and Elle MacPherson for the puppies.

Dawson had her hands full when these four first arrived. The puppies had to be cared for constantly and Heidi was crying in pain around the clock.

But after some vet treatment, they slowly began to relax and open up. Still, Dawson needed to keep her eye on them until they were officially recovered enough to go to new foster homes.

Now, the puppies are doing much better! They’re playful and friendly, and Heidi has shown herself to be very loving a sweet. She seems to be extremely thankful for the fact that she and her babies are safe!

All four dogs have a ways to go before they’re healthy enough to be adopted, and plenty more treatments in store. But if you’re interested, get in touch with the Dallas DogRRR for information!

Images & Feature Image Source: Dallas DogRRR

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