Loving People Come Together To Give Sick Puppy Hundreds Of Hugs!

Loving People Come Together To Give Sick Puppy Hundreds Of Hugs!

Logan the German shepherd was extremely young when a Washington rescue took him in and realized he had a very severe and rare heart condition. Unequipped to deal with his medical needs, the rescue moved him to Ferndale, Washington’s Rescued Hearts Northwest, which has experience dealing with these types of medical issues.

Logan’s life expectancy was anywhere from one month to one year, and it seemed like there would be no way to prevent this tragedy and fix the heart problem. Logan was moved into a foster home, the house of Lindie Saenz, who hoped to give him as much of a happy life as he could.

Logan was taken on countless adventures by his human foster siblings, and his playfulness and loving nature made everyone sad to think of his grim diagnosis. After countless bucket list items, it became clear that Logan was extremely social and loved people, so his foster siblings set a new goal: to get him a minimum of 100 hugs!

Hugs for Logan soon became an event that Logan’s foster family and friends planned and advertised. 200 people showed up, including many who drove from far away just to give him a hug!

People laughed and cried, and Logan had tons of fun meeting new friends, ranging from humans to animals to the most unexpected of pals! Logan’s bucket list continued to grow, but then a doctor got in touch with them and said he may be able to help.

Dr. Brian Scansen, of Colorado State University Veterinary Teaching Hospital, said Logan would need to find his way to Colorado first – but if he could, Dr. Scansen was confident he could save him with surgery.

Money was raised, and soon Logan was off to Colorado. On the 31st of January, Logan went under the knife. Unfortunately, a new, different heart abnormality was discovered and even after four hours, Logan’s heart could not be fixed right then and there.

The good news is that hope remains – if he hits six months old, Logan can safely undergo another surgery – open heart surgery. His family, and the rescue, are not going to give up on him – and we sure aren’t either.

Images & Feature Image Source: Rescued Hearts Northwest

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