Loving Pup Protects His Kitten Until Help Comes To Rescue Them From Their Situation

Loving Pup Protects His Kitten Until Help Comes To Rescue Them From Their Situation

At the Hampton Soccer Park in Virginia, a Good Samaritan was surprised to see two tiny animals hiding between a couple of portable bathroom stalls. They took a picture of the chihuahua and the small kitten and posted it on Nextdoor, a private social network.

It wasn’t long before animal lovers hurried over to the scene. They wanted to take the two in, but they were terrified. Every time they came too close, the little pup would step in front of his kitten friend and growl ferociously. It was clear that the two had formed a deep bond and he was set on protecting his friend.

Animal control had to be called in as it would have been too dangerous for passersby to try and grab them. Eventually, the pair were successfully brought to a local shelter, where they were aptly named Gomez (for the chihuahua) and Morticia (for the kitten) after the equally bonded fictional goth couple.

After a few more groups shared their pictures on Facebook, the director of a group called Saver of Souls Pet Rescue saw their plight. Turkan Ertugrul knew these two were frightened out of their minds, and she couldn’t stop thinking about them because she knew most shelters had policies that would force them to be separated. The shelter who had them might not even be able to get them into the same home.

So Ertugral decided to set up some space in her own organization for the two furballs, with plans to place them in the same home later. Luckily, the shelter that held Gomez and Morticia didn’t want them separated either. They had daily play dates to see each other! Once the mandatory holding time was over, Gomez and Morticia were taken in by Ertugral’s rescue organization.

Their bond was so strong that Gomez would be visibly disappointed when he saw a black cat who wasn’t his favorite kitten! Today, these two are living in a foster home. They are no longer scared and nervous and have shown their bright, bubbly personalities. They do extremely well when next to each other, and soon, they will be ready to be adopted into the same home together.

Images & Feature Image Source: Saver of Souls Pet Rescue

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