Loving Pup Refused To Leave His Tiny Blind Best Friend's Side... This Is Heartwarming!

Loving Pup Refused To Leave His Tiny Blind Best Friend's Side... This Is Heartwarming!

When Blue Dozer the pit bull and OJ the dachshund were surrendered to Richmond Animal Care and Control (RACC), it was clear that they shared an unbreakable bond.

OJ, 12, met and befriended Blue, 6, four years ago. They had to be given up when their Mom became homeless, and she, with a heavy heart, decided bringing them to a shelter was the best idea. But she was insistent on one thing: they must not be separated.

The two pups are best friends, and Blue acts as a seeing-eye dog for tiny, senior aged OJ, who has lost most of his vision and can only see shadows. They were anxious upon first arriving, but settled into the shelter well, Blue never leaving OJ’s side for even a moment.

It was just two days later that an interested potential adopter drove for two hours to the adoption centre. Something clicked with her and the two pups, and she agreed to take them both in. But even the RACC’s extensive screening process couldn’t have helped them predict what would happen next.

Not long later, a man found OJ wandering alone on the side of the road. Microchip scans led him back to the RACC, and the shelter was confronted with the realization that Blue and OJ’s new parent had abandoned OJ, dumping him carelessly just like that. Staff then had to work to get Blue back from the adopter.

Thankfully, she agreed to surrender Blue, and the two pups now still remain at the shelter, waiting for someone to give them a forever home. If you’d like to adopt these two best friends and have space in your home and heart for them, then contact the RACC here!

Feature Image Source: Richmond Animal Care and Control (RACC)

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