Loving Pup Rushes To Comfort And Befriend Sick Horse That Her Family Rescued

Loving Pup Rushes To Comfort And Befriend Sick Horse That Her Family Rescued

The unofficial resident greeter of the Carolina Equine Rescue and Assistance (CERA) isn’t a human staff member. Instead, she’s an adorable golden retriever named Molly.

Molly befriends every single abandoned, abused, and neglected animal that comes into the rescue organization and cares for them with all her heart. Her wagging tail and licking kisses are more than enough to calm most of these animals down!

CERA’s founder, Darlene Kindle, knew she had to take in Sammie the miniature horse the moment she heard about him. Sammie, a silver dapple, was more than 100 pounds underweight when he was spotted wandering alone in South Carolina. He was in such horrible condition that his survival wasn’t certain.

A local vet clinic determined that, apart from being emaciated, Sammie had a birth defect in his hind legs and a number of painful dental problems. The medical expenses necessary to nurse Sammie back to health were far too much for the animal control shelter to handle, and the attending vet advised that euthanization would be the best option if they could not find anyone to give him the care he needed.

So Carolina Animal Rescue and Assistance reached out to Kindle. Kindle asked the vet if Sammie looked like he still had a will to carry on in his eyes. The vet said yes, and that sealed the deal. Kindle brought Sammie into CERA, and within moments, the little horse had his mouth to the ground, quickly devouring as much grass as he could…

Molly wanted to welcome Sammie right there, but the horse was far too engrossed in his meal, so the pup waited. Once Sammie was done and settled in his new pen, Molly came around again with Kindle to say hello. It seemed that Molly immediately knew that Sammie wasn’t doing too well and she lavished him with love. It was as though she was telling Sammie that he would be okay and comforting him.

Kindle recorded a video of their meeting and posted it on social media, and the interaction went viral. The video has been shared and viewed hundreds of thousands of time. Apparently, Molly has always been amazingly intuitive and always knows which animals need her comfort or some cheering up. She’s very gentle with the animals she meets and is always there for them!

Sammie’s medical problems will have to wait to be addressed, as Sammie is too underweight for any treatment to begin. For now, he’s happy to eat as much as he can three times a day, and he enjoys some strengthening walks with Kindle!

Images & Feature Image Source: Darlene Kindle

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