Loving Pup Snuggles Up To Pregnant Mom's Belly... Awww! This Is Just Heartwarming!

Loving Pup Snuggles Up To Pregnant Mom's Belly... Awww! This Is Just Heartwarming!

Welcoming a new addition to the family can be tricky for families with pets, since Moms and Dads don’t know how their furry companions might react! Luckily, in this home, Penelope the pup is clearly nothing but excited.

Juliana and her family are very excited to welcome her baby into the world. The expecting mother, who hails from Brazil, is 34 weeks pregnant. Although Penelope has never met her soon-to-be little sibling, she is already eager to shower them with love!

Penelope definitely seems aware that there is a little baby in the making. She likes to go up to the nursery and sit beneath the waiting crib, and she’s been more affectionate than usual. Although she’s always been needy around her Mom, she seems to have increased that behavior ten-fold!

Then, one day, the pup did something surprising. While Juliana was resting on the couch, the adorable pup came up for what Mom thought was her usual cuddle. But not only did the pup snuggle with Mom, but with her future sibling, too!

A video was captured of this touching moment, and Juliana is emotional about what happened. According to her, that was the first time Penelope had ever done this, and she was thrilled. The video was posted on Facebook, where it’s received more than 2 million views so far.

There is still a little while to go before Penelope meets her sibling, but one thing’s for sure – she’ll be a fantastic big sister who will shower her sibling with love, kindness, and affection. We wish Juliana the best as she prepares for her little one’s arrival!

Feature Image Source: Fox Paulistinha

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