Loving Woman Starts Sanctuary For Non-Adoptable Dogs!

Although shelters place most dogs up for adoption in the quest to find them a forever home, there are some dogs who, unfortunately, cannot be adopted. This could be for many reasons, such as age, disabilities, or even illnesses.

The shelters still keep these dogs, but they are most likely going to spend the rest of their lives in there. Over in Georgetown, Texas, one special human and dog mom, had picked up on this trend and decided that she was going to do something about it. Rhonda Minardi was picking up her Husky from a doggy daycare where she saw something that awoke a passion inside of her. There was a Christmas tree with the names and pictures of dogs who needed blankets at a local shelter.

Upon buying blankets for these dogs, she found out that these dogs were all seniors and did not have a forever home. Realizing that they would spend the rest of their lives in a shelter just broke her heart, and so her mind started buzzing! Rhonda decided that she could not let this go. She went on to buy a piece of land and is planning on building a big forever home on it for non-adoptable shelter dogs. She feels that these dogs deserve to live their final years in love and play, and so she is working tirelessly (three jobs!) to make the money needed.


The first building planned will be able to house about 22 dogs, who will each have their own room and a little patio, not a kennel or a shelter structure. The second building is planned to house just over 30 dogs who will be seniors that are living out their final years. Rhonda’s good work is going to a great cause and she hopes to get donations through her non-profit, livinggracecanineranch.org.

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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