Loyal Dog Stays With Missing Woman With Dementia Until Help Arrives

Loyal Dog Stays With Missing Woman With Dementia Until Help Arrives

A 63-year-old woman in Texas, Sherry Noppe, recently went missing in the George Bush Park for three days but was found and rescued, thanks to her loyal dog, Max.

Noppe, had been diagnosed with dementia, and although she knows her way around the trails every other day, she got lost while on a walk with Max. Her family and friends, along with Deputies and Texas EquuSearch, spent days looking for her around the 2,700-acre park, but to no avail.

Her friend’s children, who formed a search group of their own, finally caught a break on the 3rd day when they heard a dog barking. They knew it was Max because it was unlikely that another dog would be out in the park at that time.

Thankfully, they could trace where the barking was coming from and found Noppe and Max safe. If Max had not alerted the search party, it was likely they would have never found Noppe.

Noppe’s son, Justin, told KHOU 11 that Max “had no leash, no collar, and stayed by her side for three days,” showing his loyalty.

The rescuers took Max to the vet for evaluation before getting him a bath. Noppe was taken to Memorial Hermann Hospital for medical attention.

Although she was a little shaken up and had some bruises, doctors expect her to make a speedy recovery.

Image Credit: YouTube

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