Loyal Dogs Save 80-Year-Old Man From Dying In The Well

Most of us either classify ourselves or our friends and family members, as a “cat person” or a “dog person”. What this really means is we classify whether we tend to take a greater liking to cats or dogs.

Generally, we identify with one of the two, but some people can be both. Retired professor, PN Tyres, is an example of one of these special people. The story he has to tell is remarkable!

This 80-year old retired professor had an experience like no other. Tyres has a large number of both cats and dogs that he has rescued. He lives on the ground floor of his building, with his son living just above him. One Wednesday, Tyres heard excessive meowing from one of his cats. When he went outside to see what is going on, he noticed that one cat had fallen into a well.

He immediately wanted to rescue her, but on closer inspection to help her out, he fell into the well himself. As this happened, his dogs immediately came to his rescue. Without hesitation, his dogs started barking excessively and even went to his son to grab his attention. Tyres’ son realized something was wrong and he jumped up to follow the dogs and see what the fuss was about. When he noticed his dad has fallen into the well, he called the rescue department and his dad’s life was saved.

As per usual, our four-legged friends prove themselves as the most loyal of them all!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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