Lucy The Golden Retriever Shakes Off The Water In Epic Style!

Lucy The Golden Retriever Shakes Off The Water In Epic Style!

Lucy the golden retriever shakes off water in style and it doesn’t just stop there! This is super!

Lucy the golden retriever knows that when it’s time to go home, she’s got to dry off. For humans, well, we just grab a towel and dry off with that, but for a golden like Lucy, she has her own way of drying off before getting in the car. She’s going to share it off in the best possible way! Even our fur babies can catch a cold if they get chilly while wet so she wants to make sure that the water’s all gone by the time she leaves for home and gets in front of the air conditioning.

This slo-mo water shaking golden retriever definitely pawed the internet with her amazing shaking skills! Lucky for Lucy she does this, it’s called style, we do it, it’s called madness!

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Take a look at this adorable golden retriever shaking off the water in style and you’ll wish you could do it too in style! It’s so neat seeing this in slo-mo, it really shows you how incredible dogs are that with something as simple as shake, they’re able to send all this water flying from nose to tip of the tail! You look good, Lucy! Don’t forget to Like and Share this awesomeness with your friends 🙂

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