How To Make An Epic Vintage Suitcase Bed For Your Pup!

How To Make An Epic Vintage Suitcase Bed For Your Pup!

So, your pup needs a new bed. No problem! You can actually make a unique, quirky, cute fur ball bed from an old, vintage suitcase.

It’s a lot easier than it sounds, and it can be a great way to create a pup item that can also act as attractive décor. So grab a pair of scissors, and let’s get crafting! First, you’ll need to gather your materials. Find a vintage suitcase that’s of the right size for your pup to lie on – it should be big enough for him to take a comfortable nap in.

Next, acquire a piece of foam. Cut it so that it fits nicely into the lower part of the suitcase. This will act as a cushion, so you will probably need many more layers of foam in order for it to feel soft and comfortable for your fur ball!

Now, pick out some fabric to cover to cushion with. You can pick a bright, fun print or a more muted tone – that’s all up to you! Cut the fabric so that it is of a size just a bit bigger than your foam layers. Then, place the fabric on top of the foam and tuck it in neatly and securely underneath their many layers. If tucking in the fabric doesn’t seem to be secure enough, you can instead cut two pieces of fabric and sew them into a pillowcase for your foam.

Finally, decide whether or not you’d like to remove the suitcase’s lid. You can do this to make it a simple bed, or you can just prop the lid open against a wall – it’s all optional!

There you have it – an easy, DIY, stylish pup bed! Do like and share this with other pup parents!

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