Malnourished Dog Regains Strength After Few Weeks In Foster Care

Malnourished Dog Regains Strength After Few Weeks In Foster Care

A severely emaciated dog, later named Hemingway, was picked up last October at Clough Pike, Anderson Township by the community’s new rescue shelter, Cincinnati Animal CARE.

Malnourished and unable to walk steadily, then, Hemingway has been taken in by a foster family over the past few weeks and has been reported to be wonderfully thriving. According to a post by a staff of the Cincinnati Animal CARE, Hemingway is found to have gained 20 pounds over just a couple of weeks and is showing increasing strength.

“I think the biggest change is his energy level,” a Cincinnati Animal CARE staff said after recalling how the rescue dog was very wobbly when he was first discovered.

“To watch him improve the way he has at a steady increase has been really encouraging,” the staff posted.

Hemingway currently resides with two dogs and a cat in his foster home and is doing very well adjusting to his new setup. His foster family has been giving him all the necessary nutrients through a strategic feeding program that ensures that the rescue dog achieves a healthier weight.

The Cincinnati Animal CARE is hoping to put Hemingway up for adoption as soon as he becomes stable. They are optimistic that, with the progress the formerly feeble dog has shown, and the way his energy surged over the past weeks, it won’t be long before he will be ready to move forward with his new life.

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