Mama Dog Adopts Newborn Kitten And Refuses To Be Separated From Her!

Mama Dog Adopts Newborn Kitten And Refuses To Be Separated From Her!

Brittany Callan is a proud dog mom that was content with the family she already had. Besides her pinscher, Ruby, she has also taken care of baby bunnies and guinea pigs and had decided that was enough for her.

That decision didn’t last though, as one day she heard meowing coming from her aunt’s garage. She walked over there to inspect, and sure enough, a newborn kitten was lying in the grass. Callan waited for hours hoping the kitten’s mom would return, but no luck. She knew the baby wouldn’t make it on her own, so she took her home.

Her daughter Ruby had puppies, so Callan hoped that her maternal instincts would kick in and she would adopt the baby kitten. And that’s exactly what happened. Ruby immediately accepted the baby as part of her family and immediately started cleaning and feeding her.

Ruby’s puppies were more than double the size of the kitten, but that didn’t stop her from snuggling up with her brothers and sisters. They took her in right away and made her feel at home. Ruby always makes sure she’s clean, safe, and fed.

Ruby’s puppies are now older, at the age when they can wean. But that’s not the case for the baby kitten. Ruby refuses to let her out of her sight for more than a few minutes. In fact, she will freak out if separated from the kitten. She will scratch at doors until you let her reunite with her baby.

Ruby is raising her baby in the most affectionate way possible, and the kitten is thriving. Their relationship is the perfect example that love is love!

Images Source: Brittany Callan

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