Mama Dog And Her Puppies Rescued From A Dumping Site

Mama Dog And Her Puppies Rescued From A Dumping Site

One of the most difficult challenges for all animal lovers is having to deal with the fact that people abandon animals on the side of the road, leaving them for dead.

No matter how hard shelters and other organizations try, there just aren’t enough resources to make sure every animal is rescued. But some cases are fortunate enough to have a happy ending.

This mama dog was abandoned with all of her pups, and she was trying to make the best out of the situation. The only shelter she could find for her newborn puppies was a garbage dump. She would hide them there while she was away looking for food. They were barely scraping by. But one day, this all turned around.

The Stray Rescue of St. Louis got a call from a civilian who had seen the mom and her puppies. They were living at a waste management plant. If that wasn’t bad enough, it was one of the hottest days of the year. So, the rescuers got there as fast as they could and managed to save the mom and all her seven puppies.

They were all scared, malnourished, and dehydrated, but they were going to be fine. None of them seemed to be sick in any other way, which was very fortunate, given the situation.

The rescuers filmed a video of the dogs at the management plant, which went viral and managed to raise awareness of the problem of dog homelessness. Hopefully, as people get more informed, they start lending a hand to the organizations that work so hard to protect animals.

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