Man Gifts Partner Flowers Resembling Their Dog

Man Gifts Partner Flowers Resembling Their Dog

Flowers have always been a traditional way to say “I love you”, but this man managed to put his own twist on it to rewin his partner’s heart.

Kanoa Jung has been with his boyfriend Simon for over seven months now and the pair are very much in love. One thing that binds them together is their mutual love for dogs. At the beginning of the relationship, they used to send each other pictures of dogs and that would make each other happy.

Kanoa already had a dog named Ellie and it wasn’t long before Simon would love Ellie as his own too. When their seven-month anniversary came around, Simon wanted to do something special for Kanoa to show him how much he cares and cherished the relationship. He thought flowers would be a great idea, but these were not going to be any ordinary flowers. Simon ditched the idea of regular, boring flowers, and bought a special bouquet. This was custom made and was shaped and colored exactly like Ellie.

Of course, Kanoa went absolutely nuts about it and loved it. It put the smile on his face that Simon hoped for and it’s safe to say that their 7th anniversary went well. Jung commented, “I thought the flowers were really cute. I never received flowers in previous relationships, so Simon buys me flowers any chance he gets, and I thought it was a super thoughtful gift,” he thinks Ellie likes them too.

Who knows how Simon is ever going to top this gift!

Images Credit: Kanoa Jung

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