Man Immediately Rushes Little Puppy Found With Mouth Taped Shut To The Hospital

Man Immediately Rushes Little Puppy Found With Mouth Taped Shut To The Hospital

It was a cold winter night when Bob Hoelter decided he needed some exercise and made the choice to walk instead of drive to a local store 2 miles away from his home in Griffith, Indiana. If he had not made that choice, a life could have been lost.

Hoelter was crossing a bridge when a whimpering noise came from beneath. He looked down and couldn’t see anything, so he climbed into the dark culvert under the bridge with his pocket flashlight. That’s when he saw a shivering, freezing, terrified small puppy with his muzzle forcefully shut with electrical tape.

Bob Hoelter

Thinking quickly, Hoelter grabbed the tiny puppy and rushed him to the nearby Griffith Animal Hospital. Lori Kovacich, the hospital’s manager, was absolutely horrified when she saw the pup’s condition. She was so distracted and shocked that she wasn’t able to get Hoelter’s details before she rushed the shaking pup indoors.

Griffith Animal Hospital

Vet staff had to slowly take the tape off of the puppy, who was around 4 months old, and the mark it left suggested the tape had been there for many days.

Griffith Animal Hospital

The pup was also emaciated and had a broken leg, leading staff to believe the puppy had been thrown off the bridge to go into the water, but wound up on the ground instead.

Griffith Animal Hospital

Kovacich had been working in the hospital for 30 years, and this is something she’d never seen before. She shared the story on the clinic’s Facebook page, and it soon got a lot of attention. Mary Witting was one of the local residents who spotted the post. Along with Doug, her husband, she had been taking her pets to the clinic for a long time. Recently, their beloved family dog passed away, and they didn’t realize they were ready for a new pup until they saw this poor, sad puppy in the clinic.

Mary and Doug Witting

The Wittings went to meet the pup and it was love at first sight. He was given the name Louie. But that’s not the only miracle that happened that day. Hoelter, who had left the hospital as soon as Louie was brought in, was unknown to the hospital staff – something Kovacich regretted as she hadn’t been able to get his details.

Griffith Animal Hospital

But he saw the post too, and decided to set up a meeting to see Louie. When the reunion happened, Louie was ridiculously excited. He clearly recognized the person who saved him, something Hoelter hadn’t expected. He couldn’t stop kissing him!

Mary Witting

It’s terrifying to think what would have happened if Hoelter hadn’t decided to walk that night instead of drive. But for Louie, it’s all’s well that ends well – and he’s in a loving, forever home at last.

Feature Image Source: Bob Hoelter

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