Man Offers Refuge To 300 Canines & More During Hurricane Delta

Man Offers Refuge To 300 Canines & More During Hurricane Delta

When Mexico took a beating from Hurricane Delta early this month, one man, named, Ricardo Pimentel, offered safe haven to a host of animals, including a flock of sheep, hedgehog, cats, chicks, bunnies, and 300 dogs!

While the animals stayed dry under his roof, Pimentel contended with property damages and sanitation problems, but he shrugged them off, seeing his animals happy and secured.

“The things they broke can be fixed or bought again, but what’s beautiful is to see them happy, healthy, and safe, without wounds, and with the possibility of being adopted,” Pimentel shared.

Ten years ago, Pimentel founded an animal shelter, named, ‘Tierra de Animales,’ which he continues to operate.

Learning about Hurricane Delta’s arrival, Pimentel started planning and preparing for a possible shutdown. He reinforced windows; led the animals into his house with his staff’s help; and posted a Facebook plea on October 6 for donation to buy pet supplies.

He said he would not have been as concerned if he tended to ten or 20 dogs, but with hundreds of animals under him, he did not want to risk shortage of necessary supplies. While preparations and post-hurricane clean-up occupied him, Pimentel’s dog posts became viral.

Thousands of dollars poured in from all over the world and locals offered help in the shelter’s restoration!

Images & Feature Image Source: tierradeanimales

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