Man Received The Sweetest Thanks From Dog He Saved From Canal

For those of us who live on farms, it is not uncommon for our dogs to run on their own in the fields. The sense of freedom and exercise they get keeps them in good shape and gives them an abundance of joy.

Farms, however, are made up of fields, structures, and water canals to drain excess irrigation off surrounding crops. These canals are generally safe, but from time to time the odd accident may happen. One four-legged friend was the unlucky victim to a canal, but what happened next was true heroism indeed. Zarate is a garbage collector from Mexico.

Said Zarate

One day, he and one of his work colleagues were on their way on their truck through an agricultural area. Out of the corner of his eye, Zarate saw something bobbing around a water canal close-by.

He instructed the driver to stop and he, and his work partner, immediately ran to the canal. Distressed and exhausted, a helpless dog was treading water and holding on for dear life. Zarate threw an empty sack his way, but the poor pup was too tired to hold on. Eventually, Zarate found a way to get him onto the sack and reeled him in.

The dog was so grateful that he embraced Zarate in exhaustion. He was returned to his pet parents and a while later; Zarate got a letter of thanks from them too. The actions of Zarate on that day saved a dog’s life, and one act of kindness can truly prevent heartbreak for many. What a hero indeed!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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