Man Saves Pitbull From Euthanasia While On A Road Trip With His Dog

Man Saves Pitbull From Euthanasia While On A Road Trip With His Dog

Jon Mancinetti decided to take a road trip with his dog, Smokey, and visit different shelters across the country to document dogs that needed homes. He planned to film the dogs and display them on his platforms to encourage people to adopt them.

Jon was about to leave a shelter in Memphis, Tennesse, after meeting many dogs when a volunteer mentioned there was one dog he had not met yet – a dog scheduled to be euthanized that same day.

Jon decided it would be great to meet the dog, a Pitbull named Mosey. Mosey looked skinny and sickly but was full of love and life. The sweet pup needed someone to give him the attention and love he deserved, but no one was willing to do that because of his look. It didn’t take time before he quickly won Jon’s heart.

Jon left the shelter to continue his road trip, but his mind kept drifting back to Mosey. So he decided to bring him along on the road trip.

Mosey was excited to join Jon and Smokey as they toured various cities. Many of the people they met on the trip loved Mosey, but a particular family decided he would be an excellent addition to their family, so they adopted him.

Thanks to Jon, Mosey got a second chance to live a new life filled with love and care.

Image Credit: YouTube

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