Man Sees His Birthday Surprise And Can't Contain His Happiness And Excitement!

Man Sees His Birthday Surprise And Can't Contain His Happiness And Excitement!

Matt Gorski wasn’t expecting anything special for his birthday. So when he headed back to his house in Brooklyn, New York after a business trip, he just wanted to go home and chill out with his girlfriend, Jenna Sacks. Little did he know, there was a surprise waiting!

While he was away, Sacks came across an adorable little puppy on the Bideawee website, which is an animal welfare organization. The 6-month-old pup’s name was George Michael. Knowing that she and Gorski had been wanting to get a second dog for months know, she knew the puppy would make the perfect birthday gift.

So when Gorski walked into his home after being away, he was immediately overwhelmed with a highly excitable and very happy puppy! The pup couldn’t stop wagging his tail, jumping all over the place, and giving his new Dad lots and lots of kisses.

For both Gorski and George Michael, the connection was instant. Gorski calls it the happiest day of his life, and Sacks captured the moment the two met for the first time in an absolutely adorable video full of so much joy that you can feel it through the screen!

Sacks couldn’t help crying with how happy they both looked.

George Michael is also a great addition to the family for Ponyo, who is the family’s 7-year-old pup that lost her fellow pup brother, a pit bull, a few years ago. Now, she has a new sibling to spend time with!

George Michael is fitting amazingly into his brand new forever home, and his Mom and Dad couldn’t be happier to have him.

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Images & Feature Image Source: Jenna Sacks

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