Man Sees Puppy On Road Immediately Realizes Something Is Terribly Wrong

Man Sees Puppy On Road Immediately Realizes Something Is Terribly Wrong

When Martin Hall Jr. spent his Sunday morning driving to a remote location in Coulterville, California for work onto have the job not come to be, he was understandably quite annoyed. But as it turns out, he was in the right place at just the right time.

As he made his way back towards home through back roads covered in dirt, he came across a fork in the road.

Not sure the way to take, he picked one randomly – and then spotted a pup lying right in the middle of that road, a leash attached to him.

Hall first thought the pup might have been lost. He tried to get the dog to come closer, using his sandwich to coax him, but the pup refused to move. Since he couldn’t get the dog into the safety of his truck, he took a video of the pup so that he could post it online later and hopefully locate the pup’s family that way. As he took the video, he talked about how he happened upon the dog.

Eventually, Hall decided there wasn’t much more he could do. He left some water and his sandwich behind and started driving away, but there was a feeling he had that he just couldn’t shake. He almost felt as if the pup was telling him not to leave yet. So Hall got back out and started to take another video.

And that’s when he heard a person’s voice.

Video still recording, Hall rushed off towards the sound and found an older man lying on the ground, another pup lying next to him. The man had been out walking his dogs when he fell and became injured and unable to walk. This had been 7 hours before he was found.

Hall quickly called 911 and the man received the medical treatment he needed.

Luckily, he’d been found just in time, all thanks to his incredibly loyal pups who helped him be found.

Feature Image Source: Martin Hall Jr.

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