Man Visits A Dog Park Covered In Peanut Butter - Let's Find Out Why!

Man Visits A Dog Park Covered In Peanut Butter - Let's Find Out Why!

Clinton Butler wasn’t entirely certain what to think when 25-year-old Steven Shrout awkwardly walked into a dog park in Texas, covered from head to toe in peanut butter wearing nothing but underwear.

Naturally, pup Moms and Dads were more than a little concerned when he walked into the doggy play area, but it was soon obvious that there was no ill-intent. He was nice to the pups and seemed quite embarrassed, and maybe even a touch remorseful.

Butler took a picture of the very odd scene as pups curiously approached Shrout to give him – and the yummy treat on his skin – a good lick. The picture was posted online and went viral, with many people being confused as to his goals.

Thankfully, the mystery didn’t go unsolved, and Shrout himself soon revealed why he’d done this very silly thing. It was all due to losing a bet. Shrout and his friends are fantasy football players, but it was Shrout’s first year joining them for play this year – and he fell into last place.

So Shrout’s friends came up with the silliest, craziest penalty possible for him. They didn’t believe Shrout would actually do it, but he did – and he calls it the most embarrassing moment of his entire 25-year life.

Unfortunately, Shrout didn’t get much enjoyment out of hanging out with the pups. He loves dogs, but it was such a weird thing he was doing that he just couldn’t enjoy it. We definitely wouldn’t recommend doing a similar dare! Feeding other people’s pups is pretty frowned upon, and you could get yourself bitten, or someone might call the cops on you.

Shrout will definitely be reconsidering his decision to join the fantasy football league with friends next year again, as he wouldn’t want an even worse dare to crop up. Still, you can’t say his loss wasn’t a memorable one!

Feature Image Source: Clinton Butler

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