Man With A Big Heart Is Running A Shelter With 750 Dogs That No One Wanted

To a dog, it does not matter if his caregiver is rich or poor, black, or white, and tall or short. What truly matters is the endless compassion and care that they receive.

When a dog sees these qualities in his human parent, he will trust you with his whole heart. The story of Sasha and his shelter is an example of true wholehearted selflessness.

When Sasha saw how many unwanted puppies were being given away or left to shelters, he decided it was his chance to really make a difference. With the help of a few volunteers, Sasha opened his own shelter for unwanted puppies, and houses over 750 of them!

The surrounding community has shown great love and support for his shelter and continue to donate to him so he can keep it going. Sasha treats, medicates, and feeds these incoming pups to give them the protection that they deserve. The shelter became full and over-crowded over time, and local authorities in Siberia voiced concerns over the operations.

The authorities wanted to shut the shelter down, but the community stood strong and petitioned against it. Eventually, the authorities gave up and left Sasha to continue what he does so well. Sasha admits to the shelter being overcrowded and has said he is working on a way to improve the situation to the best of his ability.

The overcrowding is a consequence of dog parents failing to sterilize or take care of their dogs properly, a problem that needs desperate attention. The story of Sasha is a reminder of how important it is for us to look after our dogs with care and take responsibility for our actions!

Images & Feature Image Source: sashashelterserbia

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