Margot The Golden Retriever Pup Becomes Branch Manager!

Margot The Golden Retriever Pup Becomes Branch Manager!

Margot the adorable golden retriever has just become a branch manager, and she’s doing a nice job, but when the manager returns, things chew out of place!

Everyone meet Margot, an adorable golden retriever pup who found a nice juicy branch outside and decided to bring it inside. She claims the position of branch manager as she meticulously chews it with her tiny teeth. Of course it’s helping her itchy gums relax a bit. But do you wonder why your pups love the stick so much?

According to EdieMackenzie, “From the time they’re puppies, most dogs are attracted to sticks more than most objects they come across. This is partly because wood is easy to chew, but it’s also because of the shape – sticks look more or less like bones. Sticks don’t taste at all like bones, of course, and dogs do know the difference. But sticks have their own appeal. They have a musky, earthy taste that seems to appeal to dogs. And of course, they can find them just about anywhere. The dog-logic seems to be: “If l had a bone, I’d chew that. But since I don’t, this will do”.”

Having said that, please always consult your vet if your pup chews sticks so much just to be safe. Now take a look at this adorable branch manager on page 2 below!

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Feature Image Source: Flickr

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