Martha Stewart New Line Of CBD Dog Treats Are Making The Rounds Online

Martha Stewart New Line Of CBD Dog Treats Are Making The Rounds Online

If there are any dog parents who are fans of Martha Stewart, then prepare to love her even more. As most of you know, Martha is a solid animal advocate and has been her whole life.

Currently, she has her own animal sanctuary in the hills of Connecticut, which is home to countless different livestock and wild animals. She is long known for her love of dogs and isn’t afraid to show it. Martha has two Chow Chows named Emperor Han and Empress Qi, along with two french bulldogs called Bete Noire and Creme Brulee.

Upon the loss of her previous rescue Chow Chow named Empresses Wu, she set her sights on creating treats that would help to improve animals’ struggles in the least invasive way possible.

After joining CBD board groups, Martha created a line of CBD gummies with lasting benefits able to be extended to pets. Some animals are anxious, some dogs ache from arthritis, and some dogs have been abused, which makes these CBD treats perfect for all that need them. With the help of her veterinarian, Martha developed a line of CBD dog chews, that are available in three different flavors.

Taste is important to her, and something that she thinks is important to animals as well. These CBC dog treats can be found in varieties such as blueberry, chicken, and cranberry, relieving the basic aches, pains, and anxieties that can be experienced throughout their lifetimes. Similar to the benefits that CBD can bring people, animals will also get the lasting effects as well, making for a better life.

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