Marty The Beagle Can't Resist Herself When Someone Said Hello!

Marty The Beagle Can't Resist Herself When Someone Said Hello!

Marty the beagle is a very humble pup and no matter how tough she looks, if someone says hello, she wouldn’t hesitate to respond back with her style of hello!

Try to howl in front of a beagle pup and you’ll know exactly what they’re going to do – howl back. Why? It’s just their way of responding to the hi’s and hellos. I mean c’mon, if someone says hi to you, are you going to just look at them in the face like they don’t exist? Nope, you will respond and this is exactly what this beagle pup did, in her own way, of course!

But do you ever wonder why your fur balls howl when they hear a howl? According to WikiHow, “Barks, growls, yelps, and howls all carry their own unique language indicators that can take time to learn but are also an important part of understanding your dog’s overall behavior. A short howl with rising pitch generally signals that your dog is happy and/or excited.”

Then according to LiveScience, “If your dog howls in response to another dog or a loud siren, he may be saying, “Get off my turf!” or just, “Where are you guys? I’m over here!”” Now take a look at this beagle pup howling her heart out to respond to the hellos on page 2 below!

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Feature Image Source: Flickr

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