Meanwhile, Here's A Dad Out On Date With His Dog

Meanwhile, Here's A Dad Out On Date With His Dog

Gemma Colón was in New York City the other day when she decided to stop by a restaurant for a bite. Little did she know that she was about to witness something truly heartwarming.

There, just across from her was the cutest couple she had ever seen. There was a man and his date was a dog sitting up in the chair like a proper gentleman. It was clear that they were on a date and she had the best seat in the house. She was blown away by the unique pair and how in sync they appeared.

The man was sipping a glass of red wine while dining and was also doing a crossword puzzle. The dog had his own bowl of water and was slurping it up with the best table manners she had ever seen. The dog’s table etiquette was even better than that of some humans that she knew. Have a look at this unique pair on their night out:

Colón wasn’t the only one who noticed the sweet scene. Other patrons at the establishment also honed in on the action, and couldn’t help but to smile and make comments about how cute it was. What was even more interesting is that it didn’t seem like this was their first time there. The exchange with the waiter was very familiar and it seemed like the couple was regulars at the establishment.

@gemmsauce the purest friendship i ever witnessed 🥺 #nyc #dog #bestfriend #SyncYourMiO ♬ Married Life (From “Up”) – Sergy el Som

One waitress even commented on how good the dog was, and the man replied saying that he brings the dog everywhere. He did seem like a very good boy, and excellent company to have on a date.

Image Source: Gemma Colón

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