Meet Hazel, the Turtleneck Model

Meet Hazel, the Turtleneck Model

Meet Hazel. She has long legs, a long body, a long neck, and even a long nose. She’s not the type to fuss during the cold months when it’s time to wear her winter coat. She actually has a big closet, and her favorite thing to wear is turtlenecks.

Hazel has turtlenecks that were specially made for her. They come in different colors and patterns, and she even has scarfs with which to wear them.

Since she doesn’t have a lot of body fat or an undercoat, it’s important that she wears them during the cold months of winter and fall. Hazel has now become a fashion icon at 2-years old, and turtlenecks make up part of her signature look.

Her mom, Mat, shares that her newfound love of fashion is super practical since sighthounds like Hazel are usually thin. In the summer months and on warm days, she only wears her turtlenecks for photo ops.

At first glance, Hazel appears to be a fancy dog, but in reality, she’s the sweetest, friendliest girl! She’s an extrovert and loves being around people and other dogs. She goes out of her way to greet them and she has a ton of friends.

Hazel also has a lot of fans and is a fashion influencer in her own right. She brought back turtlenecks and loves showing off herself to her followers on Instagram. Unlike most models who get paid in money, Hazel gets paid in treats and loves every moment of it!

Images Source: Instagram

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