Meet Hero Dog Who Tracked Down Suspect Who Shot At Deputies

Meet Hero Dog Who Tracked Down Suspect Who Shot At Deputies

K9 Shorty became the latest beagle to pull a heroic feat after he helped apprehend an Escambia County man that had been involved in a shootout with the police.

The suspect was the first to open fire at the deputies before disappearing into the woods. This prompted a manhunt involving the Escambia County Sheriff’s office, Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s office, Pensacola police department, Escambia county corrections, FWC, Escambia County EMS, Florida Highway Patrol, U.S Marshalls, and other agencies.

But even with such a huge force leading the search, it was the cute little beagle that stole the show. The dog tracked down the suspect’s scent into the woods before finally catching up to him near the Perdido River. The officers involved in the chase could not hide their joy and pride in Shorty and jumped on the opportunity to congratulate him on social media.

In one of the pictures, the Chief Deputy at the Escambia County sheriff’s office and a K-9 officer can be seen posing with Shorty with the caption, “So here he is! After helping the ECSO apprehend an armed suspect in the woods last Friday, K9 shorty was able to take a quick break from crime-fighting for a picture with Chief Deputy Chip Simmons and Lt. Simms from the Escambia County Road Camp.”

Clearly, they are full of admiration for the little dog. Shorty saw a chance to shine and he took it. Wouldn’t you be proud of him too?

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