Meet the Dog Who Naps in the Strangest Positions!

Meet the Dog Who Naps in the Strangest Positions!

Kimberly Spencer, Howard’s mum is in stitches daily. Her golden retriever/Lab mix falls asleep in the funniest positions.

At about 100 pounds, Howard is a large dog with a stretched length of 5 feet. However, he seems to imagine that he is petite. Awake, he causes mayhem as he bolts into the house awkwardly, knocking things over. His tail too is a force to reckon with, as it is powerful and can inflict pain.

Howard loves a good nap, however, and is a gentle giant when asleep. Spencer first noticed his strange sleeping habits when Howard was a puppy. He would place the upper half of his body on the furniture but never the bottom half.

Says Spencer:

“I am OK with that because it cracks me up daily! He often sleeps during the day on the ottoman and usually with a ball or a toy duck sticking out of his mouth and always with his rear end off the ottoman. His back feet are normally tucked under so it appears like he is kneeling,”

Howard maintains the position for hours, an indicator that it suits him just fine.

Since the family is now housebound, they have been able to observe Howard’s unique sleeping positions with much delight and enjoyment, and they have designated the ottoman as Howard’s special possession.

Howard is undoubtedly a valued member of the family.

Images & Feature Image Source: Kimberley Spencer

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