Mighty Labrador Pup Climbs Upstairs...In Style!

Mighty Labrador Pup Climbs Upstairs...In Style!

This adorable Labrador pup learned how to climb the stairs, but that’s not why he’s going viral. The reason he’s going viral will not only drop your jaw, but also blow your mind! Such style, such confidence!

When a puppy learns to use the ladder or the stairs, you know the entire house is their park! They go everywhere, they do everything and for the most part, they love doing all this…upstairs. Yep as soon as they learn to climb, you’ll always find them upstairs, doing something or the other! But how important is it to stair train your fur ball?

According to VisiHow, “Training your dog to go up and down the stairs will help your dog be more comfortable around the house. Your dog will also be able to join you in outdoor activities involving steps. A lot of dogs are fearful of going up and down the stairs.”

They continue to state, “As a responsible and considerate dog owner, you should help your dog conquer his or her fears. It is part of helping your furry companion become mentally healthy. The less fearful your dog, the less behavioral problems you have to face. Your dog will become more confident as well. Dogs in their younger years often experience this kind of fear, so stair training will definitely help as your dog develops. Once your dog gets the hang of your stairs, you won’t have to worry about your dog being left out anymore.” Now take a look at this furball on page 2 below!

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