Mik The Beagle Enjoys A Rather Cat'ish Bath Time!

Mik The Beagle Enjoys A Rather Cat'ish Bath Time!

Everyone meet Mik and Jez, two best friends, a beagle pup and another cat, but you can’t tell that they belong to different species from this adorable bath time video!

Cats and dogs do get along, its just the way we train them that really matters and puts things into it’s place. Of course there are many myths that say they don’t, for example, do you remember Tom & Jerry cartoons? It fed us with the fact that cats and dogs can never be friends, but that’s not entirely true.

These two pawdies (paw buddies!) are so in love with each other that it’s impossible to keep them apart! Now Jez is a feline, but he learned to keep the claws away whenever he’s with Mik and Mik learned to keep his sharp teeth away – both don’t want to hurt their buddies! So what’s happening today? It’s bath time for Mik! Take a look at this precious video on page 2 below!

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a bed bath for a beagle

Feature Image Source: Flickr

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