Mischievous Pup is Always Striking Hilarious Poses in Family Portraits

Mischievous Pup is Always Striking Hilarious Poses in Family Portraits

If you go through the many pictures that dog mom Yoko Kikuchi has taken of her four pups, one dog will particularly stand out. Not because of her snow-white fur but because of her crazy poses that are always out of character with the moment.

Her name is Hina and she is the youngest of the dogs. Perhaps that explains her mischief. All four Shiba Inus have been trained to line up for a picture and assume the right pose and Hina sees it as the perfect moment to become creative.

For instance, in one of the pictures, Hina decides to show her back while her siblings face the camera. It’s hilarious. Kikuchi does not have a problem with Hina’s antics. In fact, sometimes she will wait until Hina accidentally does something out of character to take her shot.

“She actually doesn’t do funny poses on purpose,” Kikuchi says. “I just catch the moment when she yawns — she yawns a lot during photo shoots — or we let her ‘act’ differently.”

While off the camera, Hina shows her mischief in other ways that have earned her the nickname, destroyer.

“Her nickname is ‘Destroyer as she loves chewing our shoes, cables, and headphones,” Kikuchi says.

However, don’t let all her mischief fool you. Hina is recognized as the most obedient dog of the pack. She listens to commands and doesn’t need a leash to walk. She always stays close to her parents. So, she may love chewing wires but she will stop immediately when instructed.

Hina is also very friendly to other dogs regardless of their size.

Images & Feature Image Source: Yoko Kikuchi / Instagram

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