Mississippi Dog Set On Fire By Child Makes Miraculous Recovery

Mississippi Dog Set On Fire By Child Makes Miraculous Recovery

Last April, this dog was set on fire by a child. It is a miracle it is alive. Since a week, veterinarians at the Mississippi State University finally removed all the bandages from his face and eyes so he can see again.

The dog’s name is Buddy, and he was found in Tate County with an electrical cord wrapped around his neck with his face completely burned. The culprit admitted to doing this to him intentionally but he was never charged as he was under the age of 12 years old. Buddy had been under the care of the staff at the College of Veterinary Medicine at MSU and has undergone numerous skin grafts and procedures to correct his eyelids and face. Since his recovery, his personality has brightened, and he is much cheerier since he can see once more.

He has since been neutered and will begin heartworm treatment soon. Once his surgeries and treatments are complete, they will begin to look for a new home for Buddy. Buddy is extremely fortunate to walk away from this incident alive and with his eyesight, but his skin will still be sensitive and he will require eye drops and sunscreen. He will never be able to stay in the sun as long as regular dogs and will require special treatment for the rest of his life.

Since the incident, around 9,000 T-shirts in his honor have been sold and the proceeds have gone towards his care. Buddy has gotten a second chance at life, and will soon be in the care of parents who will never put him in harm’s way.

Images Credit: Tunica Humane Society

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