Mom And Her Pup Tremble In Fear So Mom Hides Her Pup In Crowded Shelter

Mom And Her Pup Tremble In Fear So Mom Hides Her Pup In Crowded Shelter

When a volunteer with a shelter in South Texas recorded a video of mother pup Sadie and she protectively shielded her little baby Benzy, both dogs were shaking from head to foot. They were terrified in the too-crowded kill shelter, and their nervousness told staff a terrifying truth – their time was running out.

So Rescue Dogs Rock, a foster rescue in New York City, decided to share that video on their page, hoping that the video would be seen by someone who could help.

That’s when Dava Hammack happened upon the heartbreaking clip. When she realized that, although it had been shared thousands of times, no one had stepped up to foster the pups, she knew she had to help.

There was just one issue – Hammack lived nine hours away. But she decided she would do it if she absolutely had to. In order to meet her along the way, local volunteers in the South Texas area helped to pick the pups up and drive them over to Fort Worth, which Hammack met them.

They loaded the pups into the car, and, seeming to realize that they were safe, the exhausted pups were able to get some much-needed sleep. While Hammack drove back home, her 12-year-old daughter made sure to keep an eye on them.

Once home, there came a new adjustment phase. Hammack has plenty of rescue dogs, and Sadie is extremely protective over her little Benzy. At first, the mama pup had to be held back in order for Benzy to be able to play with the other dogs, but eventually, she began to relax.

Sadie also took a couple of weeks to warm up to Hammack, but now she likes to give kisses and be cuddled just like a baby. For now, this mother and her little one don’t have a certain future, but what matters is that for now, they are safe.

Images & Feature Image Source: Dava Hammack

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