Mom Asks Her Dog A Question And His Reaction Is Melting Hearts Worldwide!

Mom Asks Her Dog A Question And His Reaction Is Melting Hearts Worldwide!

As dog parents, we know how happy our dogs get when we tell them good things, and for Watson, it’s no different. Watson, who’s an adorable and sweet golden retriever, loves his brothers and wants him to get praise as well.

After a video was posted on Reddit, it went viral very quickly, and for good reason. Their mom asked Watson some questions and he was just staring ever so cutely looking at her. She then proceeded to ask if Watson’s brother was also a good boy. To her surprise, Watson walked to the other side of his brother and gave him a huge hug.

She was so taken back by what had happened, so decided to take a video of these brothers being “good boys.” The video that was posted showed Watson responding to his mom’s questions, and hugging his brother. Yes, you read that right. Watson went out of his way and put both paws around his brother, giving him a big hug. This video went viral very quickly after being posted. Reddit users loved how much Watson cared for his brother. Currently, this video has more than 6,000 upvotes on Reddit.

Yes, He’s A Good Boy And I Would Hug Him from r/aww

Countless comments have been posted reacting to this adorable video of Watson’s love for his family. Some comments have said “This video has made my day much better” and that “this video made me genuinely smile.” Watson’s mom continues to talk to them both and loves to see how much Watson wants his brother to get praise as well. This video is a great example of the love that dogs have for their parents, and for their siblings.

Image Source: Reddit

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