Mom Buys Matching Wedding Dress For Her Adorable Pup So She Can Join In The Ceremony!

Mom Buys Matching Wedding Dress For Her Adorable Pup So She Can Join In The Ceremony!

Bailey was just five months old when she was adopted by Jennifer Hindieh and her boyfriend. Now, after seven years of love, Hindieh and her partner are engaged – and there’s no way they’re not including the pit bull pup, who is part of the family, in their ceremony!

Hindieh and her fiancé know that Bailey’s goofy personality will make her the life of the party at their wedding, and they have always wanted her to be a part of it. She’s incredibly friendly and loves people, so they knew she’d love having a day to say hello to all their guests!

To let Bailey be a close part of the proceedings, Hindieh decided that Bailey would walk with her and her father down the aisle. That’s when she decided Bailey would need something pretty to wear as Hindieh herself donned her wedding dress – so she decided that Bailey would get a wedding dress, too!

Bailey’s dress was found on an Etsy store called CocoAndBushkaCouture, and Hindieh was absolutely thrilled to see how adorable the pup looks in it! Bailey wears hoodies when it’s cold outside, so she’s pretty used to wearing clothes and is quite fond of the attention she gets from Mom when wearing it.

Hindieh may not know if she’ll ever have children, but Bailey is like a child to her and is her little baby with her fiancé, so she wants her to be a part of this red-letter day! She even ordered a special, small dog-safe cake for the pup to enjoy on the big day.

The wedding is set to happen in September this year, and we’re sure there will be many adorable pictures of the newlyweds and their sweet pup.

Images & Feature Image Source: Jennifer Hindieh

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