Mom Celebrates Dog’s Memory With Commemorative Poster

Mom Celebrates Dog’s Memory With Commemorative Poster

While walking around the neighborhood in Nashville, Tennessee with her Pomeranian, Stanley, Megan Clemens spotted a poster on a telephone pole that looked like a ‘Missing Dog’ announcement.

Like she often does, Clemens approached and started to read it, thinking she may be of help just in case. Surprisingly, the poster wasn’t what she thought it was. It was, in fact, a touching tribute of a dog named, Buster, who recently died.

“My heart sank…the message was so bittersweet it brought tears to my eyes,” Clemens said, immediately recognizing Buster, the friendly old golden retriever from the same neighborhood.

Clemens has met Buster several times during her strolls with Stanley and recalled how the late dog was such a sweet old pet who loved greeting humans and fellow canines.

He was Elizabeth King’s dog who brought her joy since the two met when Buster was only seven-weeks old. Last spring, Buster was struck with cancer, but it did not stop him from keeping his mom’s spirits up. He still willed himself to comfort and walk with King, who struggled to keep strong for her brave and seriously ailing dog.

After Buster passed, his mom thought of informing the neighbors, who also loved him, through an apt tribute. She wants to keep Buster’s memory alive and let others know that they’re worthy to experience and be transformed from such deep love as Buster’s. True enough, after reading it, Clemens held her Stanley even tighter.

Images & Feature Images Source: Elizabeth King

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