Mom Considers Reunion With Missing Pitbull A Holiday Miracle

Mom Considers Reunion With Missing Pitbull A Holiday Miracle

Six-year-old pitbull named, Gracies, darted out of the house last December when a family guest had left the door open. The lovely black dog with white feet wandered the streets of Chicago for eleven months, lasting through winter, spring, summer, and fall.

Gracies’ family was heartbroken and had visited rescue shelters in the Jackson Park Highlands neighborhood, posting signs everywhere. “I just cried for months,” said Kelly Shade, Gracie’s mom who had Gracie since she was two-months old. Last summer, some two miles away from Gracies’ home, a neighbor named, Polly Ellison, spotted Gracie, sensing that she was fearful of people and other canines.

Determined to help Gracie and avert any potential harm that may come to her, Ellison tried feeding Gracie for months to earn her trust. Enlisting a fellow neighbor, Katie Campbell, who, herself, is a dog rescuer, they both kept the feeding routine for months in order to capture Gracie.

On the same day they finally did, they checked and found Gracie had been microchipped. Ellison, then, got in touch with Gracie’s mom, who was overjoyed and grateful to Ellison and Campbell’s charity.

“In the world we live in and we hear all these bad things too, there are kind-hearted people willing to go above and beyond,” Shade said, “Definitely a holiday miracle. It’s definitely remarkable.”

After eleven months on the streets, uninjured and now home just in time for the holidays, it truly is a holiday miracle.

Feature Image Source: ABC 7 Chicago

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