Mom Falls Asleep During FaceTime So Adorable Pup Happily Takes Over!

Mom Falls Asleep During FaceTime So Adorable Pup Happily Takes Over!

Some pups are polite. Some are rowdy. And then there are some with hilariously impeccable manners!

Meet Leo. He’s a small Chihuahua pup with a fluffy body and an adorable face – and also some of the best manners you’ve ever seen on a dog! One night, Leo was relaxing with his Mom, Brookelyn Bilski, on her bed. He was enjoying a relaxing lie-down next to her as she chatted with her boyfriend via FaceTime, named Sam Stine.

But it had been a long day, and Bilski was very relaxed. It wasn’t long before she got more than a little drowsy. Soon, she was drifting away to Dreamland. Of course, Stine didn’t mind as he watched his partner start to snooze with her phone still propped up on her pillow. It’s not an unusual sight, as anyone who talks to their partners at night will know!

Then, Leo seemed to notice that his Mom was fast asleep, and he realized that Stine was still on the line. Instead, of being rude, the pup decided the best thing to do was keep him company! After just a few moments of silence, Leo trotted right up to the phone, and he stared right at Stine, making sure to look him right in the eye.

Stine thought this was very amusing and took a screenshot of the moment to commemorate it. The pup continued to stare at him, trying to hold a conversation and show that he wouldn’t be so rudely ignoring him!

After the incident, Stine joked that he and Leo really got to know each other and had a very deep conversation. He shared his screenshot on Twitter, where it went viral with thousands of people “aww”ing at the pup’s sweet manners! Everyone is in agreement that he’s a very, very good boy.

Images & Feature Image Source: Sam Stine

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