Mom Sets Up Camera To Find Out Why She Can't Sleep Well

Mom Sets Up Camera To Find Out Why She Can't Sleep Well

If you are deciding to become dog parents, it’s usually a known fact that your friends will sleep with you each night, but for some, this isn’t the case.

In 2020 studies were done to show that allowing your furry friend to spend the night with you is a big disruption. This is the case being sleep with your animals increases your movement, and can cause disturbed sleep. On the bright side and in most cases, dog parents don’t even realize or remember that they were waking up in the middle of the night, leaving no effects to this method.

Most dog parents allow their animals to sleep in the bed with them, cuddle up with them on the couch, and also ride along in the car for errands. For Kristin Wolf and her adorable friend Fenway, they have rarely ever slept apart.

Fenway, who is a lab and pitbull mix, loves to snuggle whenever he gets the chance. Kristin says that she feels safer when they are nearby to each other, which is why she allowed him to sleep in her bed night after night. For Kristin, she says that sometimes he wakes up lying sideways, or even at the foot of her bed, but doesn’t blame Fenway. In order to get to the bottom of her different sleep positions, she sets up a camera throughout the night to see what’s really going on.

She saw while watching the tapes over the next night that Fenway was the calm one, and Kristen disturbed him more than the other way around!

Feature Image Source: Kristin Wolf

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