Mom Transforms Two $250 Cubby Houses Into Lavish Home For Her Dogs!

Mom Transforms Two $250 Cubby Houses Into Lavish Home For Her Dogs!

As dog lovers and parents, we often go the extra mile for our fur babies. We do not hesitate to groom them, dress them, treat them, and make sure they are living in best comfort!

With the range of pet beds and doggy treats out there, we have basically anything and everything to choose from. But who is to say that we are to be restricted to pet-specific products! One loving dog mom in Brisbane, Queensland, has proven a point that we can choose from anything to make our canine companions feel at home. Jessica Breen is a dog mom to two gorgeous golden retrievers, Dorothy and Martha.

Keen to treat her gorgeous girls to a warm, dry outside sleeping space, Jessica took on the quest of finding something suitable. After hunting for the perfect home, Jessica came home with two Kmart cubby houses (typically used for children to play in) and decided to adapt them to the perfect resting place.

She and her husband began transforming the houses by painting them with a bright white coat. Thereafter, they decorated them with different colour doors, window decoration and both dogs had their names placed on their front porches in big letters. With a spotlight above the names, these two golden girls have a white picket fence in front of their homes too!

The project photos went wild on social media, receiving thousands of likes! I think it is safe to say that this dog mom adores her two girls and was not prepared to give her golden girls anything short of the absolute best.

Images & Feature Image Source: Facebook

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