Mommy English Bulldog Licks Her Babies And Its Beautiful!

Mommy English Bulldog Licks Her Babies And Its Beautiful!

Adorable English bulldog mommy knows that when it’s bath time, it’s bath time and no matter how cute and adorable her babies look already, what’s to be done, has to be done!

Everyone meet Charlie, an English bulldog mom and her two puppies Ricky and Jasper and today the entire world gets to see their awesome bath time! Yep she’s going to lick them clean and simultaneously tell them just how much she loves them 🙂 She’s so patient, so loving and so gentle that no matter how hard the puppies try to divert her mind, she knows that to do!

But have you ever wondered why she licks them like that? According to Shrinkabulls, “Newborn English Bulldog puppies cannot regulate their body temperature or body functions(like urinating and stools). It is important that they are pottied at each feeding. They might not have a stool each time, but they will urinate. This is what the mother does when she licks them.” Well, check them out on page 2 below!

Page 2 Here!

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Feature Image Source: Flickr

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