Mommy Gets A Sweet Tattoo In Memory Of Her Beloved Dog

Mommy Gets A Sweet Tattoo In Memory Of Her Beloved Dog

Sebastian was a true definition of a loyal companion. He and his mom, Anna Halcin, navigated life together for six years. Sebastian did not fail to make his mom smile all through the good, bad, and ugly.

Describing him, Halcin said: “We were absolutely best friends.” One of the things Sebastian does to brighten his mom’s day is to wrap his cute little paws around her arm, usually when she needs it the most.

Sadly, their time together ended last October when Sebastian passed away. Losing him was devastating. It was a tragic event for Halcin as she had grown fond of him. However, while dealing with the grief, she devised a sweet way to make him a part of her.

Narrating the experience, she said she wanted to make something that would be with her regardless of anything, and “a tattoo seemed just perfect.”

She couldn’t have chosen a better tattoo design than his favorite pose – a hug. So although Sebastian is not physically present, he still brings a smile to Halcin’s face and comfort to her heart, as though he never left.

Halcin took an online support group for people who had lost their pet to share her body art. Many people love it and applaud the tattoo and sweet Sebastian, who inspired it.

Halcin said she also got messages from people who shared pictures of their dogs that looked like Sebastian. She likes to think it’s him saying, “Hi, Mama” each time.

Image Credit: Anna Halcin

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