Mommy Tries Giving Dog A Bath... Boy, This Is Hilarious!

Mommy Tries Giving Dog A Bath... Boy, This Is Hilarious!

Dalmatians are known for their high energy and outgoing personalities. They can always be spotted running around causing chaos wherever they go.

One Dalmatian, in particular, caused quite a scene in his home! Mom, Summer Lee, recently took to social to tell the world about the antics of her hyperactive dog. Leo is one and a half years old and has always been very energetic.

Summer Lee explains that he has been hyper since he was a pup. He is a lover of just about everything and is very outgoing. Due to his high energy personality, Summer Lee takes Leo to a groomer to get washed. Reports from the groomer have always been positive, stating the Leo is well-behaved. Summer Lee decided that it was perhaps time for her to try bath him since the reports are so good.

Leo, however, had a different plan in mind. When Summer Lee tried to bath him, he had absolutely no plan of getting into her tub. Instead, he jumped up and put his paws on her shoulders. After exhausting all options, Summer Lee eventually picked the gentle giant up and put him into the bath. Skeptical of her intentions, Leo was hesitant at first, but later realized he could trust her. Once calmed down, he sat quietly and let Summer Lee wash him. When she was done washing him, she dried him off and let him go.

Needless to say, Leo did a few zoomies around their house, being the energetic bundle that he is!

Feature Image Source: Summer Lee

Images Source: Summer Lee

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