Mommy Who Lost Her Puppies Finds Comfort In Tiny Orphaned Kittens

When we hear stories of different species of animals welcoming each other into their families, we find out hearts overflowing with joy. More often, we come across the sweetest tales of dogs becoming protective over pet birds or even other dogs.

What we do not come across so often is where dogs actually raise the pups of another. However, in San Pablo, California, there is a very special four-legged mom who showed kindness and compassion on a whole new level.

Stacee Jones is a pet parent who has fostered over a hundred dogs and cats. She has dedicated hours and hours to lending a helping hand to those most vulnerable. One particular case she took in, was a terrier mix female who had lost all her puppies and was left behind a dumpster.

Without giving it a though Stacee took the terrier mix in to give her a loving home. Around the same time, Stacee received a phone call regarding three new-born kittens that had been abandoned and desperately needed a foster home. Stacee agreed to take them in and then she came upon an even better idea.

Her terrier mix was still nursing because she had just given birth and the kittens were to small for wet food, so Stacee thought to try to let the kittens nurse on her terrier.

Proceeding with caution, Stacee introduced the kittens to her terrier and let them nuzzle up close. Her terrier responded with love and allowed the kittens to drink from her. Crying with joy, she took them in as her own. Whether she knows they are not her pups is uncertain, but two sets of lives were changed that day!

Don’t our canine companions just have an abundance of compassion to give!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

Images Source: Stacee Jones

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